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A Friend Of A Friend

Today, as I was thinking about my last week of teaching, I remembered a teacher who had retired before me. She had been a teacher when Crystal was a student and she remembered her. When she learned Crystal had cancer she offered us a ride to treatments. She couldn’t do it herself, but she worked it out with her partner to drive Crystal to her treatments if we needed her to. Crystal’s doctor was at least an hour away, and this lady and her partner lived even further than that. She would have had to drive at least forty minutes to pick Crystal up and then another hour or so to bring her to her treatments. Then of course there was the wait and the ride home.

I couldn’t believe the generosity that was offered that day. Although I knew this teacher and had talked to her throughout the years we worked together, we weren’t friends, but friendly. Even still, she reached out to offer help in case I needed it. It was sincere and I have never forgotten that act of kindness.

The generosity of others

The generosity of some people is unbelievable. When Crystal had cancer, it was a hard time physically, but even more so, emotionally. I had to work, so that was added to the other chores I had when taking care of Crystal. I’m not complaining, I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but there were tough days. What gets you through it are the people around you. So many times I was amazed at the kindness and generosity people showed us. Even if all they could offer was to ask how we were, that’s what they did and it was appreciated

At one point during Crystal's treatments, she was feeling a bit down. That week, a big box came in the mail for her. Inside were gifts, cards, signs, and gift cards for Crystal to use how she wanted. There were inspirational quotes and count-down signs to help her see the light at the end of the tunnel. These were gifts from viewers who had heard about her story and wanted to help. It was amazing and was just what Crystal needed to boost her mood.

Giving back

Kindness from friends and family seems like it would be usual, although sometimes it’s not. Luckily our family helped out. This was not surprising, but it was appreciated. However, when you are gifted with kindness from a stranger, it is such a warm feeling. It lets you know the world is a wonderful place. I wish Crystal never got cancer, but she did and from it, I've learned a lot. Now I try to pay that kindness forward. Like Crystal, when I hear about someone getting cancer, I make them a chemo bag. I try to give them a call and see if they need any other help. Sometimes you do have to ask or offer because many times they don’t ask. However, they need and would welcome the help. It’s one of the things I learned as Crystal’s caregiver.

So to everyone who offers help to others, like my co-worker, thanks for all you do. Sometimes you don’t realize how appreciated your offer is. It may be a big deal to the person getting the help and may make a bad day not seem as bad. It is a really big deal so thank you!

Wishing you health and happiness!

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