Giving Up The Wig

Last updated: March 2021

Everything about you is combined to make you the unique person you are. It starts the day you were born with all your genes combining in a special way to start life and allow you to grow into who you are now. But it doesn’t end there. Each experience you encounter helps to shape you and give you new perspectives on life. So it is the way you look, feel, and interpret information that gives you, you and that person is changing all the time. And then cancer is thrown into the mix and you’ve changed yet again.

Cancer is a terrible and scary disease. It is made even scarier when it affects your young daughter and you see the effects it has on her. When Crystal got cancer, she was just starting a new career as a TV meteorologist and was excited to be living near Virginia Beach. It was an exciting area and an exciting job. She was already being invited to be part of different groups, she got to do interviews with some of the local folks and businesses, and she was starting to make a few friends. But then cancer hit and she came home to do her treatments. She still did segments from home giving the viewers updates on her status, but then she started to lose her hair.

Starting to lose her hair

As I stated earlier, each and every part of us makes us who we are. Crystal was young, single, and had a job where she was very visible. Losing her hair was devastating to her. Together we went wig shopping. Crystal was still under my insurance and was able to get a free wig. She also bought one from a friend of hers that had a wig shop, and she got two from the American Cancer Society. This helped her immensely to feel more like herself, but she hated wearing the wigs. It was summer and the wigs were hot, but she wore them anyway. Crystal had had long pretty hair and that hair was part of what made her who she was.

Time went on, her treatments ended and she got a clean bill of health. Now it was time for Crystal to go back to work, armed with her wigs and the bits of hair that had started to grow back. The thing is, she couldn’t wear that wig forever so as time passed, her hair grew more, and she decided it was time for it to go.

Being free of cancer

Because Crystal had such a public job and because all the viewers had been so supportive, she decided to take off her wig on air. It was an extremely hard thing to do because those wigs had helped her to keep some resemblance of her old self and she was ripping that away. Tears were shed as her new self was exposed and a weight was lifted because she could now also be free of that piece that was a reminder of cancer.

Crystal is doing wonderful now. She has a special person in her life that she cares deeply for, she has a new job prospect that she is looking into, and she is happy. Unfortunately, cancer helped to shape who she is today, but she has grown so much from it. Crystal had to give up her wig, but she took everything that wig helped with and grew from it. In life, that’s the most we can hope for.

Wishing you health & happiness!

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