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Symptoms and Side Effects with Racheli

In this three-part video series, Racheli talks about important topics for blood cancer patients: symptoms, side effects during treatment, and long term side effects after treatment. Start a conversation in the comments below about your experience with symptoms and side effects.

Racheli’s symptoms of blood cancer

Racheli experienced many symptoms of her blood cancer, including swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, and night sweats, which led her to visit a doctor.

What symptoms did you experience before your diagnosis? Share in the comments below!

Racheli’s side effects during treatment

Racheli was treated with 12 rounds of chemotherapy for her Hodgkin lymphoma. During treatment, she experienced several side effects, inclding hair loss, fatigue, nausea, dry skin, and bone and joint pain.

What side effects did you experience during treatment? Share in the comments below!

Racheli’s long term side effects

After her treatment, Racheli begain to experience some long term side effects. Some of those long term side effects included lung toxicity, raynaud’s syndrome, chemo brain, fatigue and hypothyroidism.

If you’ve finished treatment, share in the comments below if you’ve experienced any long term side effects.

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  • Ann Harper moderator
    4 weeks ago

    @radiant-racheli my daughter, who also had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 25, experienced much of the same symptoms as you – In all 3 parts. I’m glad you’re better and i hope some of your symptoms start to fade. Some of Crystal’s have. Wishing you well.

  • Susan Gonsalves moderator
    4 weeks ago

    @radiant-racheli The symptoms before diagnosis included really bad fatigue which was brushed off as “stress, getting older, menopause,” and every other little thing. Because I have CML, I’m on TKI (targeted chemo drugs) for life so my long term and current symptoms are the same: night sweats, fatigue, nausea, bone pain, eye problems, and a bunch of ridiculous stuff like rashes and weird scratches that appear out of nowhere. Lovely, but keep truckin’ on.

  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    1 month ago

    Thank you Racheli… I think my biggest side effect was the leg spasms at night, though they were not consistent it was unbearable.

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