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Choosing Your Oncologist

  • By Cindy Chmielewski Moderator

    Finding a doctor that is an expert in treating your kind of cancer is essential, but that doctor also needs to be a match for your personality too. How did you go about finding the doctor that was right for you?

  • By amysal47

    I found a doctor that knew just about my cancer. Nothing else.

    • By Cindy Chmielewski Moderator

      It is wise to consult with a doctor that treats only your type of cancer especially if you have a rare cancer. Specialists are up-to-date with the latest developments and know clinical trials that are available. Specialist often work hand in hand with your local oncologist.

  • By bluchs

    My medical oncologist, Dr. Bikinna is the best, he is more concerned about his patients health, than money.
    I just got lucky!
    He knows what he is doing.
    His partner Dr. Maunglay is one of the 2 whistleblower Dr.’s, that exposed Dr. Fatta ( Canton Mi. ) who went to jail for life, after being convicted of murdering many patients, by giving Chemo, when it was not needed, ( for profit? )
    Dr. Maunglay was on Dateline NBC, and 60 Minutes about this case, He jeopardized his life and practice to save others, he is a hero.
    I told him how proud I was of him, after I saw him on Dateline, he was so humble, all he did was tear, up and say” Thank You”
    I feel both Lucky, and Privileged to have 2 such wonderful and caring, experienced Dr.’s on my side, Wow!
    They were sent to me from God.
    When I went to a different Radiation Oncologist, I only saw him once, all of the times I had treatments, his assistants helped me, he was not even there for my exit interview with the results from my radiation?
    I did see him driving out 1 morning, in a $130K vehicle with a vanity plate on it.
    Glad I don’t have to go back to him again, ( or at least I hope I never go back to him? )
    I did not pick my doctors, they were picked for me, when we are first diagnosed with cancer, I don’t think we have the wherewithal, to do any sort of background checks??
    My son did do some checking on my Dr. Bikinna early on, and he found I was in good hands.
    Dr. Bikinna actually even sent me out for second opinions twice.
    I would recommend that you have someone close to you Google your oncologist though?

  • By Cindy Chmielewski Moderator

    I’m glad you found a doctor that you respect. I agree we are overwhelmed when we receive our initial diagnosis. It is very helpful to have someone assist you in doing some research on possible specialists to consult. I called the International Myeloma Foundation when I was dx with myeloma. They provided me with a list of specialists in my area. Also joining a support group either online or in person may help you find a specialist that is respected.