Stage 4 PTCL was the Shock of My Life

Last updated: October 2018

I turned 50 this year....this is usually a time to celebrate . I have always been in good health, going to my PCP once a year for check-ups, etc. So, as I sat in the Drs office waiting for my mammogram results, I assumed all was good and I would be back in 1 year. Although the mammogram was perfect, the Dr did a breast exam and immediately felt an enlarged lymph node under my left arm.

Test after test

After months of biopsies, cat scans, bone marrow biopsies, MRI, and tons of blood work, I was told I have stage 4 peripheral T cell lymphoma. It had already spread to my bone marrow! I had NO symptoms .....none!!! I was in literal shock. The oncologist was also baffled as to how I could have no symptoms. I am currently undergoing a clinical trial of 2 chemo drugs at Moffitt in Tampa.

As my journey continues

Once I reach remission, I will then be faced with a bone marrow transplant. To say that I am scared would be a huge understatement. The chemo has been so awful. My life has literally changed overnight and I am still trying to understand how this happens to an otherwise healthy person.

Wish me luck as this journey is more than difficult.


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