Shocking News from Another Doctor

I am a 42 year old mother of 2. Anyone that knows me even for about a month, will know that I have stomach issues. I’ve had stomach issues for at least 10 years! I also have seen several GI doctors and have been in different medicines. Even removed my gallbladder! I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I noticed I get frequent gastritis attacks from certain foods. I would get them every few months to most recently every week. On April 2, I called my GI doctor (whom I adored and respected) never had an issue, to complain about my symptoms. He was on Spring Break in Florida with family. Another doctor whom I’ve spoken to before about my symptoms when my doc is not there took my call and remembered me. He told me to come in. When I did he was concerned about how long I’ve had these issues and asked if I wanted a CT scan. I said sure. I agree.

Long story short

Thanks to the doctor’s concerns the CT showed enlarged lymph nodes in my stomach. Which led to an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Then a biopsy from small intestine and found out I have Lymphoma. This led to a pet scan and then bone marrow biopsy. I have it mostly in my stomach but in other parts of my body as well as in my bone marrow. These confirmed that I have follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma Grade 2-3.

Thankful for my doctor

I’ve already had my first cycle of treatments during the month of May. And just finished second cycle for June today. Doctor said I’m handling treatments well. I have to say through it all I never thought It would happen to me. I’m the first in my family to ever be diagnosed with cancer. Hardest part is really trying to rest my mind at night. It’s hard to fall asleep not thinking about so much. I do think that the doctor who was concerned was like an angel and I am thankful for him everyday.

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