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I never thought cancer would happen to me. I thought that since I was very healthy that my chances were pretty slim. Well I got the shock of my life- I wasn’t feeling quite right for awhile and I just brushed it off because I was working nights and retail is rough so as time went along I started getting out of breath and feeling tired and slept a lot and had bruises. However retail I thought was the culprit so one day I got really sick and went to the doctor and once there, I was rushed to the hospital because of my blood counts being really low.

Then it happened

Once at the hospital they gave me transfusions and did all kinds of tests and then I got the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I had 8 months of being in and out of the hospital and then 2 years of chemo infusions once a month. I am cancer free thank god I am now back to work and I am very thankful for my medical team they were great. Now I just go for follow up visits now for the duration of time. Just so happy to be here and for my husband and family and friends. Never take life for granted one day at a time

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