My Third Bout with Cancer

I just read the story by Glenn. I was astonished by the similarities we had in common which has been rare of late.

I had singular plasma cystoma a year ago..thinking I pulled a muscle in my groin area while working for the post office. Weeks later diagnosed. Multiple biopsies, multiple scans, and then radiation. It was gone by the beginning of 2020. Thought I was home free. Wrong. 9 months almost to the day of my first came back.

My third bout with cancer

So reading about Glenn's experience floored me. My left side as well "popped" while I was playing with my Rottie pup. Hurt like was actually the second time. The first time didn't bother me so much. Then my back started to hurt.

Anyway...doc appointment...pain meds...sent worse..couldn't move...x-ray shows nothing. I had an upcoming PET scan due to ongoing checking of my previous condition. And BINGO. Spots on my spine and one on my left rib cage...Multiple Myeloma. Plus I had fractured my rib.

I for whatever reason was neither scared nor surprised. This was my 3rd bout with cancer. 30 years ago I had breast cancer. I've been clean all that time and now this. I was more ticked off than anything. Told my doc let's roll! Let's start everything ASAP. Spine biopsy confirmed and bone marrow biopsy showed a trace of protein which was fortunate. Stage 1...caught early.

Keep your faith

I too have 'bone juice' infusions. Daily pills. 14 days week off. Side effect? Ya...but I too am humbled by the ones who take that horrible chemo I took 30 years ago. Effects are nothing compared to theirs. Sure I have brain fog, jitters, dizziness, woozy but no nausea. I'm taking CBD oil for jitters, lots of water, mini snacks, and tranquilizer for irritability from steroids.

My 2 adult sons are not taking it well. I told them 3rd times the charm! Kicking its butt for good this time. I want 30 years more. I will get it, come hell or high water. Then I'll be 95 and won't give a damn.

My faith in Buddhism has gotten me this far...its such a powerful force. Keep your faith strong whatever that may be! FIGHT! Never ever ever give up! Thanks for the ears! Stay safe ๐Ÿ’–

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