It Is What It Is

Nov 2016, 3 days before Thanksgiving, I was diagnosed with MDS blood cancer. My mom was diagnosed on December 3rd, 2016 with lung cancer.

Barely got through the holiday when my mom passed on Jan 4, 2017. I started chemo that day. 3 weeks later during a pet scan, they discovered breast cancer.

My treatment

I stopped treatment for blood cancer. I had a mastectomy, one month of radiation, one week free of treatments, and then checked into the hospital for 31 days of pure hell.

I am experiencing the aftermath of radiation while healing and dealing with one breast, and beginning massive chemo treatment and then a stem cell transplant from my sister.

I thought I was dying - no joke. For about 6-8 long days, I could barely move. I peed and pooped myself and threw up constantly. My hair began falling out and when I finally saw myself in the mirror I was horrified and broke down.


Fast forward to 19 months post stem cell transplant. I'm healing well with only one setback last year. I am approved to look at options for reconstructive surgery now. My chemo curls are cute most days and I’m taking control of my mind, body, and spirit.

It’s not over. Every day will forever be a struggle and a reminder of the battle I won and the battle that has forever changed me and my family. Blessed to be alive.

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