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Has anyone had bowel problems after stem cell transplant?

I post stem cell transplant but I still have lots of semi formed bowel movements. My dr says keep.taking immodium. Anyone have this post stem cell transplant? I am 80 days post and my bone marrow biopsy showed zero cancer.

  1. It could be from not getting enough fiber due to being on a restricted diet. You could ask about a fiber supplement like BeneFiber. Or have soluble fiber cooked and not raw. Examples below will have to be cooked. I made applesauce with any other fruit added that I wanted. Just add lemon and cinnamon, no sugar. Makes house smell good too.

    Beans and peas
    Sweet potatoes

    1. Congrats on 0 spike!
      Sometimes we become hard on ourselves in expecting our bodies to do what it had no issues doing prior. You have to keep in mind the meds the body has endured for some time. The right diet plays a huge key in figuring out moving waste from system, but sometimes that's not even the key. Ask your team to arrange a appointment with a nutritionist/ dietitian. Discuss how to go about this in healthier manner, instead of additional meds to get the job done. Best!

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