2 Cancers Back to Back

Hi to my understanding new friends, I am not great on the computer but I do my best. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014. The whole thyroid had to come out, the cancer jumped from the thyroid to my lymph nodes on the right side of my neck 25 of those were removed. About a month later my DR. said to go to an oncologist right away.

CML diagnosis

I went and they took bone marrow and I was diagnosed with CML. It has been eye-opening for me because I do what I can do when I can and rest when I can't. Every day I belong to my God and he makes sure I'm good.


My husband is understanding more and more that I can't do everything that he does but I respect him going out in the sun and heat and he respects me staying in till it's cooler and less humid. We are 68 years old and help each other with all things. This is wonderful for me to have this forum to speak because I do need people like all of you to understand. Thanks for your support, Sandy.

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