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The Ups and Downs: Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2021

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). From diagnosis to treatment to side effects, we know that living with blood cancer is no easy ride. That is why this year, we want to highlight the reality of the ups and downs of living with blood cancer.

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A crazy roller-coaster ride: Community stories

Over the years, the up-and-down nature of living with blood cancer has been a consistent theme shared by the community. Whether it is the initial diagnosis, treatment, or coping with the emotions, living with blood cancer is a roller-coaster.

Here, our community shares stories about their ups and downs...

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Be in the know

Continuing with our theme of "The Ups and Downs of Blood Cancer," we will be highlighting different topics around the blood cancer experience. Some of these topics include:

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In honor of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we are running a giveaway from September 6 until the end of the month. We asked our community to tell us what 1 item has helped them cope while living with blood cancer. There were many different answers, but 1 that was mentioned the most was Netflix. So we are giving away:

  • One $50 Netflix gift card
  • One My Blood Cancer Journal

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