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What is My Legacy?

Legacy- a gift by will especially of money or other personal property; something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

With all the worries of the world today, have you sat back to think of what mark you will leave when your time is up? Sometimes, I’ll reflect on things out of the blue. I know this thing called life can be swiped out quicker than a credit card purchase. When I was in corporate America, I recall a quote by someone in the reference of- No matter everything we try and establish and complete in life- it’s inevitable that we will complete it all.

There will be a few uncompleted tasks. I would refer to that every morning or when a wash of stress would flow my way. It was a reminder of what is deemed urgent on the flip side of everything is not really urgent when you think about it. Legacy is the gift of realizing there’s a lot we tend to leave out that speaks gems for the future.

What will be my legacy?


Yep, this will indeed by one of my top 5! I speak this so often it’s indeed a broken record. However, I believe it tremendously. I have to find some element to keep me going because life is not all glamorous or easy but we have to find a way to expose a bit of hope. I want my squad to think “look at her, she did it with her head high and all despite myeloma.”


I'm young, but I’ve been through some things. I’ve realized that though the storm is trying and an uphill battle; we’re indeed stronger than we realize. Whether this is realized now or later, strength is in us all.

The power to fight

The power we have in this unique plight of survivorship, and under unique circumstances like cancer. For some of us, living has happened more so with us going through the trials and tribulations of cancer. It’s funny the oddity to think that something that automatically we think gloom sparks a light pushing forth the fight to want to live. Again that quote holds very true with so much to do and this power of fight, we just won’t get to it all. With that said we mustn’t limit the walk, struggle, happiness, hope, or sadness that comes with it.

I think mine would read I was a badass, and no matter how I may have been counted out in various aspects of my life; I always rose to the occasion of proving the powers that be wrong. I hope to pass this thought to my child and nephews in the power of believing and going with the flow of this belief by having Positivity, Wisdom, and the Power of Fight to get me through it.

So, back to the point: what would be your legacy?

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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