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Putting On My Kicks and Armor

I feel like life challenges indeed help build a person’s character - either you're all in, or not, as part of these vital experiences, as it definitely helps in building and forming that armor that is needed down the line. On a recent conversation with a longtime friend and playing virtual catch-up, the conversation definitely led me to consider reestablishing those that can stay in my space and those that can hit the road. I was struck with actually seeing the soul of this person, though very nice, so broken even in a pandemic. I can’t do the 'sad' and 'you owe me something' mentalities. After a few odd comments, I knew it was time to get my kicks and bounce from this person’s gloomy aura.

Superwoman or is it growth?

To endure so much leaves little room for the subpar. Just think, a blood cancer survivor takes on so many roles besides being a patient survivor. They must still save the day by paying their bills, securing shelter, and clothing, as well keeping their mental stability on point. There’s a lot on their plates, especially for the many that had a lot going on before being diagnosed. So again, is this a superhero complex of saving the day in a survivor's world, or does this new experience show us what growth is really about and why it’s so necessary to move forward with a calm heart, and a fierce fight while being coined a survivor?

My world of hightailing it through my new normal is part of my day with my kicks (sneakers) connected. Movement is the key to my day to day and even when there’s room to chill and relax, I’m still wired, and though wired still living each day to the fullest, I’m also building my armor.

The person I'm becoming

So back to that friend I mentioned - the conversation lent itself as another life lesson as I learn more about the person I'm becoming. The armor of steel blocks the harsh realities that I’ve faced, but it has also toughened me up in allowing things I don’t like around me to be removed. The connection and analogy of my kicks provide me with doing what I want and doing so quickly, with no pointy heel, or uncomfortable surface to maneuver around. Though love is in my heart, and hints of myeloma are still in the background, the new me is good. I like that I've grown to not settle for things or people that don’t calm my spirit.

I know I can’t beat the world on the many issues and causes that can get so overwhelming, but I know I have some control over living my day to day with multiple myeloma. I didn’t think I could so many years back but I’ve been able to show growth despite it, and that is a huge feat. Here’s to growth!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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