Diagnosis Rulebook 101

There are no instructions or directions on how to adjust and feel about being diagnosed with blood cancer. The route will allow you to move forward in drips as you adjust to the valid question of how did you get to this unforeseeable place. It indeed is a process that is very individual and no one-size cap fits all. Here are some things to consider on this long and at times emotional journey.

Take a breath

Our body is so unique it can pick up any mechanism of fear, grief, or distress. You may even think at this particular time, your body is not even your best ally, as it has left you in this time of confusion, though this is what it is...life.

Remember to breathe it through this journey called life. We knew that it would be a ride at some stage, and so here we are. When the fear and anxiety of needles, a room full of doctors and nurses, and multiple medications come knocking at your door, close your eyes and breathe through the chaos.

Adjust the normal

There’s no turning back, unfortunately, for many, and though you may reach positive milestones, the way you moved prior to being afflicted with cancer will change - period.

It can be a "Come to Jesus" moment in truly grasping the seriousness of how you got here, and the changes that are needed for you to stay in this place or improve within this space.

The time at your job may change once fatigue, pain, and side effects kick in. The opportunity to travel and be amongst crowds may change, as now you have to consider how healthy your immune system is to be out there in the world.

Adjust your new normal, because the adjustment is a necessary process as you learn how strong you are or not.

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Decision forward

Making the decision to proceed with treatment is not an easy one. If you’re plugged into Google or Bing your research may find the worst-case scenarios. It’s quite easy to go down the rabbit hole of concerns, but once you make that full commitment of fighting for your life- literally...proceed forward at high speed.

Sometimes a diagnosis is a number and time game, how quickly you move to the next peg can make a difference, depending on where you are in your individual situation. If you made the decision to follow your doctor's lead, then do so by showing your active voice.

Somedays you are not okay

Yes, every day will not be a positive affirmation and experience. You may have days where you’re in pain and unsure if you are prepared for this.

Guess what? You’re not alone...many are not prepared for what the future holds in what comes next. Perhaps that’s something to think more of on another day.

It’s okay to have a day of not wanting to be bothered and just be in the moment...it is allowed in this playbook.

So now what? Well once you’ve considered the latter, you do what you’ve been doing so far and that is live life...to the wheels fall off!

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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