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Your Story

When you stop and think about it control the story you tell your self. Have you asked yourself - Is my story a positive one or does it need a bit of help?

  1. thank you! Great question. I prefer to keep my story positive although I will not avoid the painful parts either,

    1. Its all about the story you keep telling your self - if it is all negative I suspect you are both making yourself miserable and potentially the resulting stress is not the best for you physically and mentally. I am most recently dealing with the death of a family member I can choose to look at the loss ( and it happens) or i can try to crowd out the negative story by recalling the more happy times and try to laugh at the tricks life plays on all of us

      On another note --- as points out you also need to be aware of the story you relate to others.

  2. I always try to at least give some positive to temper the tragedy. I've found that people tend to tune out if you just put your firehose of misery on fullblast and spray 'em down. You gotta throw in some smiles, that's just human nature I guess. What's that old saying? Tragedy plus time equals comedy? Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. I like that tragedy plus time equals comedy‼️ 📖

  3. Love it Daniel

    1. I keep my stories of my journeys on a positive note but I do tell some of the bad stuff but not all of it unless they’re just asking otherwise I tell them a summary of all that I’ve been through.💜

      1. There really are stories 1) Your public story or how much you choose or not choose to share with others and 2) the silent story or the one you play over and over in your head. - The questions are .. are they the same or different. I believe the one that plays over and over often needs a lot of attention as it impacts every aspect of your life - every moment of every waking day

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