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What blood cancer symptom/side effect would you say is the worst?

Bone pain, fatigue, neuropathy, brain fog, other? Share with us and tell us what helps you manage them.

  1. #1 Pain
    #2 Fatigue
    It’s been 4+ years and still dealing everyday

    1. 🫂🫂🫂🫂 I’m post 5 years I just turned 5. I truly understand I deal with the same thing. You know what I find frustrating; when I’m dealing with the symptoms of fatigue or pain and someone says how long are you post treatment? Or your not in active treatment any more! that was soo long ago. I’m like I still deal with the effects 🥺😩🙄🙈😩

  2. For me it was significant bowel blockages ( requiring 10 days of hospitalization ) combined with low white blood count due to chemo - Ten months later I still have numb toes, some fatigue along with some chemo brain - all said I am in remission, still here and have met some really nice folks on 😀 Dennis( TEAM)

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