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What were your first signs/symptoms of your blood cancer?

And how long do you think you had it before it was diagnosed?
I'll admit I'm terrified and eager to hear everyones stores, if they feel comfortable sharing!

  1. For me it was a half of a golf ball size lump on my pelvis. I had no other symptoms so not sure how long it was lurking, but it was all the way into my bone marrow. When I saw it I was like Ugh, that does not look right. I was hoping it was a hernia or something like that. Never in a million years did I think it was cancer. The first scan showed a potential cancer or leukemia. The biopsy showed a potentially aggressive Follicular Lymphoma. That turned out to be true as all treatments worked but I would relapse at 6 months each time. Even after a stem cell transplant which was devasting after going through all of that. I entered into a clinical trial for CAR-T-Cell Therapy and it has saved my life. 5 years and counting, the drug Yescarta was FDA approved based on the trial.

    1. Thank you for sharing. The idea for some of these blood conditions and no symptoms can be daunting. I'm happy you're doing okay and taking everything day by day!
      Wishing you the very best!

    2. Sounds like a victory to be celebrated! 5 years plus sounds way more desirable than 6 months. Wishing you continued longevity! And I thank you for taking the chance on a new drug so that others can benefit. So glad it's working for you!!

  2. Hi ! My first signs of leukemia were extreme fatigue and shortness of breath doing normal activities. I was 41 at first diagnosis and was someone who exercised regularly, including running. I knew something was up when I had difficulty even walking up a hill I regularly would run in my neighborhood. I then developed some bruising and a fever that eventually could not be controlled with Ibuprofen or Tylenol. My guess to how long I had it before diagnosis is probably around 9 months, but it could have been longer.

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