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What is one thing you can no longer do because of blood cancer?

Blood cancer impacts our lives in many ways. What's something that you can no longer do because of it?

  1. eat avocado, soup, wear hospital gowns, and hospital socks especially the socks.

    1. I'm not sure what it is, even if I see a pair instantly I get a pit in my stomach, my thoughts start going back to treatment days, and racing thoughts uuuggghhh!

    2. Me too! I start feeling nauseous.

  2. My social battery was already small but it took a bigger beating from the cancer. I have to recharge it a lot more most days.

    1. me too

  3. So did mine Katelynn although I just blamed that on my age. My mistake! lol I am not good at sitting and resting but now I make myself take it easier.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Glad you are able to get yourself to take it easier because it can truly be a lot! Warmly, Rackel ( Team Member)

    2. I'm trying to make myself relax more lately too lol. Sometimes I get so bored just sitting around the house.

  4. I'll most likely have to give up my x country skiing which I returned to last year after finishing treatment. While I love to ski, its the falling down that I dread. Given that I had brain cancer, I'm doing my best to protect my head. It breaks my heart but better than breaking an arm or leg or having another head injury.

    1. I thought I hit send but didn't see it so mine might come up twice. I often think I'm the same old ornery me!

    2. LOL Ronni! You made me laugh

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