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What coping strategies have been most effective for you in managing life with blood cancer?

Questions to help get the conversation started:
"How do you maintain a positive outlook during challenging moments in your blood cancer journey?"

"Have you found any specific activities or hobbies that help you relax and reduce stress?"

"What strategies do you use to communicate effectively with your loved ones about your needs and experiences?"

"How do you navigate the emotional ups and downs that come with living with blood cancer?"

"Share any tips or techniques you've discovered for managing symptoms or side effects of treatment."

  1. I have dlbcl and just found out I have lung cancer. I talk to friends and listen to music. It helps me so I don't think about my cancers. Prayers for everyone going through cancer

    1. I found that a monthly music subscription combined with a set of headphones offered me a lot of variety and allowed me to get away from it all no matter where I was physically or emotionally. 🙏🏻 Dennis( TEAM)

    2. thanks for the prayers! I'm saying one for you right now. Wishing you peace and happiness on your journey,
      Angie (Team Member)

  2. keeping busy and friends and family outings and trips

    1. Nothing beats all three, especially a trip! I'm happy you're learning to manage on your terms in holding what is dear to you. Wishing you the very best. 😀

  3. Smoking weed and talking to others and cracking jokes

    1. Having a good ole belly laugh sure does make a big difference! I don't think that everyone has that outlet. For those of us who do, it means the world. Thanks so much, Maria

  4. I FOUND working out is my best way of dealing with my cancer!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Same here. I discovered the more I engaged in life and became more active, the better I felt emotionally, physically, and socially. Good to hear you are taking charge. Dennis( TEAM)

    2. Yep, different forms of exercise can be beneficial in one way or another. I'm happy this has worked in your situation. Wishing you the very best!

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