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Treatment Wonder

How often (if at all) do you wonder about the treatment you're on and is it the best option for you? Sometimes we go with the flow (rightfully) but have you had an open dialog with your doctor about what is the best options in your situation and is there room to up the ante?

  1. My oncologist has spoken to me about a new option for CML. After he gets get a few test results we plan to talk about it as an option for me. I like to be very careful about change before I consider it. It's a toss up and I might be looking at a failed experiment. I don't want that at all. It depends on what the tests say mostly.

    1. I guess I am just going with the flow and hoping we're doing what's best.

      1. I ended up doing that after a while because there was just so much information being thrown at me and so many people were giving me unsolicited opinions and advice. So I just eventually said, well, they probably know what they are doing. And they did, apparently, because I'm currently in remission! Hope you are there soon yourself! Keep on keepin' on, DPM

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