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Travel and Covid

Are you ready to get back out there in the world by traveling- local or abroad? I'm a traveler it was stressful before but now that people are bonkers with or without masks, I'm still hesitant. Those closest to me tell me I have to figure out the risk factor for the attempt, as you still have to live and life even more now is short.

Are you ready to consider it?

  1. I stay local still. The risk is a little too high for me right now. If my numbers were better according to my bloodwork I might consider it. It's just for me yet.

    1. I totally get it. You really have to weigh the odds of everything nowadays.

  2. I went to London 🇬🇧Just recently, I’ll admit I was nervous. I’m glad I did it, I needed the break.

    1. That is absolutely awesome. Sometimes you have to know when it's time to take a break, and doing so abroad is fun. I'm glad you did it safely.

    1. Haven’t traveled internationally so far all domestic. Life is risky on so many levels you have to decide how you want to live. Fear is a terrible master if we give in to it

      1. Yep, it can be. It's definitely a weighing the pros and cons.

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