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Stick With What You Know?

When faced with blood cancer or any other cancer- Do you stick with what you know? Or are you free to explore figuring things out as a newbie? A few years ago I pressure washed my whole house, and that was a huge feat as dealing with the dangerous mechanism of getting this equipment to work and making sure not to accidentally touch the high force water that emerged and lose a finger, it also enforced my thinking that though I have a backup team, there are things I can do on my own. It can be scary, frustrating, and sometimes a pain but I feel it's in there to accomplish.

Do you stick with what you know, or do you step outside your comfort zone in figuring things out?

Do tell...

  1. If there is one thing that leukemia taught me its that I have to listen to my body first, foremost and always. There are a lot of educated opinions out there, stale advice and sometimes judgey comments on how a person with cancer should live our lives. Leukemia has taught me to filter comments, advice and judgements. I've learned to listen to my body's symptoms and go from there. I stick with what I know when I can, but leukemia has curveballs. I am always willing to step outside of my comfort zone to find a solution. My oncologist has learned to just go with it. Eleven years and counting. It's worked for me so far 😁

    1. Kudos for doing what works! I also agree to listen and being intuned to what your body is telling is the only way this is going to work. Best!

  2. "Do one thing every day that scares you" ... Eleanor Roosevelt
    (one of her many positive quotes)

    Me? I 'try' to step out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, I must admit, do it with hesitancy and nervousness. I am excited to give it a try 😁, I am then more confident to approach the next 'challenge'!

    Same here... I know those who will help but... must try myself. Haven't spray washed the house yet though.
    I should take it on...needs it badly.
    Your story gives me the confidence to wash the house! Thank you for that 🌺

    1. I love that Eleanor Roosevelt quote, and yes it's scary in doing the unknown, but think of it this way-
      It was an unknown experience dealing and coping with a cancer condition, but we learn to adapt and go with the flow. Whether it be gardening or pressure washing a home, we breathe, attempt, and learn in stride and hope for the best. Thank you for sharing : )

  3. Before I power washed the house last time my son-in-law suggested I check out the new 30 second spray to remove mold etc from siding - Its available from the likes of HD or Lowes.

    So I sprayed it on and wash off a minute later ... Not recommending it to anyone but I do ask neighbors if they need or want a power washer 😀

    1. this is great to know! Sounds like a nice product. As a coworker use to tell me “work smarter, makes things more smoother.

    2. OMG- I'm so looking into this easier advice. There are a few brands on the market too, and an easier way to power washing works too. LOL

  4. I've never been a "hard no" guy, so I'm always up for trying new things - even when it comes to cancer. I'll try just about anything once. Have I regretted that police in past endeavors? Sure, but it was still worth the experience. If life isn't about stepping into poop every now and again, what's the point? Keep on keepin' on, DPM

    1. Indeed...Indeed! LOL

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