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Sleep Patterns

When your having trouble sleeping what do you do?

  1. I read 📚.

    1. I brows the internet for a while. Check my email. I have several military games I play. I also have coloring apps my wife got me hooked ok. Just wearing my eyes out usually gets me back to sleep.

      1. my wife has been coloring in those digital coloring apps for several years now. She finally got me to try one a couple months ago. It was just ok at first. The 2 weeks ago I tried it again, and now I'm hooked. Guess I found the right coloring

      2. See you never know what you get hooked on to. Smile

    2. Get up and read. Look at phone and sit in living-room thinking How did I get to this point!

      1. that’s exactly what I’ve been doing 💞

    3. I find if I am outdoors and walking during the day- I typically will sleep better at night.

      One of the many things is to stop doing "night math". It goes like this ( I see on the clock that its 2 AM "first mistake" don't look at the clock in your bedroom. Then the math begins ... I went to bed at 11 so that means I had 3 hrs of sleep and I ineed to be up at X time etc etc) The more I engage my brain in problem solving in the middle of the night the harder it is to get back to sleep. My approach is put on some meditation music and stop solving problems. All of a sudden its daylight outside 😀 Dennis( TEAM)

      1. ha ha...Alexa is very talented. She can do just about anything these days. You can tell her to turn on or off anything Bluetooth linked like your oven, door locks, lights, etc. You can ack her to play any kind of music. Any radio station that broadcasts on the internet ( most do now). You can order or reorder products in Amazon if you have an account. You can ask her the weather, and the forecast. And soooooooo much more.

      2. hey Alexa bring me some snacks lol 😆 😂 ‼️

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