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Self-Care While Living With Blood Cancer

What are some of your self-care tips for someone living with blood cancer?

  1. My self-care items are rather simple.

    First ... I needed to remember to consume more water than I thought needed. Typically 75 to 90 oz a day were needed to help things moving as the chemo treatments easily resulted in significant bowel blockages and even hospitalization
    Second... Find healthy foods that offer some taste or sense of taste. For me anything cooked with tomato sauce was appealing . While I had lost my sense of taste some highly seasoned foods were ok. Early on I tried to eat a turkey sandwich on whole wheat -- it did not go well. That said a ham sandwich on rye bread along with mustard was ok. I learned to experiment with foods and after a while developed a core of "health go to foods"
    Third... Dark chocolate for some reason offered some taste but I kept it to one or 2 squares a day. Sweet things in general offered some taste sensation. I also found that tonic water offers some taste and also appeared to help leg cramps.
    Fourth ... I gave myself permission to be alone when needed and slept when tired.
    Fifth ... I make every effort to be kind and gracious to everyone around me. Why? Blood cancer not only impacts the patient , it is also impacts those close to you in so many ways.

    1. ,
      These are all wonderful tips!
      Thank you for sharing.
      I hope all is going well.
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

  2. My number one tip now is to allow yourself to rest when you need to and not push yourself too hard. It's difficult to slow down when you want to get a lot done but it is not worth the pain, fatigue and other consequences of taking it too far.

    1. Well said . It sounds like you have learned from experience.
      Take care of yourself,
      Doreen (Team Member)

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