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What other conditions in addition to blood cancer are you living with?

Are you living with any additional conditions in addition to blood cancer? Share with us below ⬇️

  1. In addition to blood cancer I am also facing prostate cancer for for which I had surgery in 2013 and then radiation in 2018. So far things appear to be under control. The same as holding true currently for my non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My week in condition due to chemotherapy for the non-Hodgkin’s resulted in my getting Covid pneumonia which also fortunately is now under control. Not a lot of fun but I’m still here

    1. It’s scary going to the hospital sometimes because you might leave sicker than you were going in. Glad you’re better. Ann ( Team member)

  2. How much time do you have? I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (thyroid issues) prior to CML and now have spine damage, high blood pressure, arthritis, and skin issues. Many other problems are the results of side effects from leukemia and the TKI I take to treat it. Have to juggle and balance but it is difficult to determine sometimes which thing is causing what. Ugh. Susan ( Team Member)

    1. Gallbladder issues (I think I still have a gallstone but not confirmed), Back pain, Anxiety and perhaps depression but haven't gotten the depression confirmed either.

      1. GVHD issues and then the wear and tear on my body from chemo. I’m young and old 🥴

        1. "I'm young and old" LOL I want that on a bracelet

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