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Did you get neuropathy from your chemotherapy? If so, can you describe it? Is it worse at some times? Mine acts up in cold damp weather. What helps you? People who don't have it have trouble understanding that it can be numb and painful at the same time. Sometimes it's like bad pins and needles. I take Gabapentin (neurontin), 600 mgs. twice a day. I also use a CBD ointment. I'm not sure how much it helps but it feels good when I put it on. Have you found a CBD that works? I also tried medical marijuana (THC) but it didn't help so I stopped. (It just made me loopy!) If you have tried it, has it helped you?

  1. Yes, I did get and continue to experience neuropathy from chemo. By the second treatment I began to notice some tingling in my right thumb and pointer finger . When chemo ended some 5 months later all of my finger tips on both hands were numb along with all of my toes. For a while buttoning shirts was a real issue. About 3 months later I regained feeling in my fingers but to this day I have numb toes. Glad that it went that way vs having numb fingers.

    The neuropathy does get worse at times and have no idea why. At first all of this bothered me ... now I have gotten use to it and often forget it is there. Hope my experience offers some insights. Dennis( TEAM)

    1. I felt neuropathy for the first time on my third prescription of oral chemo. I had no idea what was going on! It was like ants under the skin! My fingers and toes went numb. I spoke to three doctors about this and I guess I needed to use the word "tingling" because the first two doctor's had no idea what I was talking about. Tingling was a very mild word for what I was experiencing. It interrupted my sleep, it effected my walking, it made me drop things and I decided not to drive for awhile. I tried CBD oil and it seemed to give some relief. I found that being cold numbed the marching ants and I spent a lot of time outside. Finally I was prescribed Gabapentin. What a relief! I am able to get a full night's sleep now! Although my finger tips are still numb, my feet are doing much better. I've had no side effects so far from the Gabapentin and life is much better now. Thanks for bringing this up. These chemo side effects sure can be confusing to navigate.

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    2. and While we're at it, there is also a group for people with neuropathy:

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