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I have had 6 rounds of vidaza and have 7th round of vidaza scheduled for June 6th --question one and all - my blood ratios are moving to right direction -doctor thinking after 7th round - we might take break to see what blood ratios do -is that good idea or not
I have plenty of symptoms -fatigue -breathing -feet hurting -and few more -sore throat.

  1. Unfortunately I wish I could answer this question for you but your best way to get an answer would be to consult your medical team they have a better understanding and know exactly what’s going on💜 but please know that we’re here to support you🫂🫂🫂♥️ in whatever you choose 🐼💞

    1. Thank you for your support and advice -I need both

      1. Please reach out we have all walked similar paths in some form or another. Sometimes just chatting with someone helps me to know - i am not alone

    2. try it and see how bloodwork is. I have mds/ mpn overlap ( meylofibrosis and essential thombocythemia) so I am lucky when do dacogen every 28 days fir 5 days and not have to do my other chemo along with it. if your dr feels you can take a break try if you feel worse just go right back on it. hope this helps

      1. Usually taking breaks from powerful medications is well warranted. It is suggested to run through the symptoms you are experiencing with your med. team, so they can help guide you better. Wishing you the very best.

        1. I wish my symptoms would improve as my blood ratios do. I been fighting this since July 2021 -the battle is tough—so we keep trying

        2. Diagnosed with blood cancer is indeed a marathon and not a sprint. The symptoms can linger and most eventually adapt in some form or fashion, with that said always discuss those out-of-the-blue symptoms with your medical team. Best!

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