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How have you managed treatment side effects?

What steps do you take when you notice a new side effect and what has helped with any specific ones you may have experienced?

  1. When I see something new happening, I usually tell my team. However, there have been cases where I'll look for a specialist outside of my team to jumpstart on what's going on. I've sought a cardiologist and rheumatoid doctor without any need for clearances.

    1. Step one: Ignore it and pretend it’s not that bad.
      Step two: Now that it’s worse, realize it’s an issue and make a doctor’s appointment and then start freaking out over whatever it is for a while.
      Step three: Tell myself that whatever it is I’ll either survive it or I won’t and now that I’ve told my docs, there’s not much else I can do.

      ...but that’s just me. 😀. DPM

      1. Most likely I will tell my team. But now that I am a few years out I try to figure out whats going on on my own for a little bit. But I always talk to my transplant doctor about anything new that is happening.

        1. It’s always important to note any new side effects and share them with your HCP team. Note when they started, are they ongoing or do they occur periodically? Was there anything new or different you did prior to noticing new side effects. If side effects are severe don’t wait - call immediately. If you aren’t sure if they are notable-call HCP. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You can always call the makers of the medication to point you in the right direction. Side effects should not be ignored. Many side effects are manageable. Work together with your team.

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