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Making a Bucket list

When I was in active treatment, I decided to make a bucket list. I apologize if saying bucket list offensives anyone. I was wonder if anyone else made a list and would you want to share a few things you wrote on that list. For me a few things on my list was going to the pig island in the Bahamas, get a matching tattoo with my family, horse back ridding in the ocean, and visit the black beach (even the sand is black!) those are just a few but I have two pages of stuff I am working on. I can't wait to hear others and the things you want to do!

  1. When you are in active treatment you have an opportunity to do a lot of reflecting. While I did not do an official "bucket list" I did decide to make it a point to actively take advantage of every opportunity that life offers on a daily basis.
    Too often we hold ourselves back and miss so many of life's small joys. Just think about how often do we not take the time to be kind or call someone. Perhaps we turned down that AM cup of coffee with a friend one too many times. And did we take a pass on taking that quiet walk along a bike trail because something else got in the way. Seize the day - every day is at the top of my "list" and if an opportunity comes along for visiting Pig Island - count me in - Dennis( Team)

    1. totally agree.

    2. I love everything about your post!
      Definitely a great reminder for us all.
      Thanks so much for sharing.
      Be well, Doreen (Team Member)

  2. YESSSS! Your so right!<3

    1. I would love to go back to the UK's been many years and I still have friends there. IT seems like a far off dream at this point. It was not a bucket list item per se, but I challenged myself to keep up with my clarinet playing for a symphonic band I've been in. When I got sick, I initially thought those days were over because of the stamina and travel it involves for me. So each "season," I would will myself through the rehearsals when I wasn't feeling great and get up to speed so that I could perform in the concerts and "be normal," for a while. The pandemic has halted all of that for now but it was a goal I set for myself and managed for the most part. (Had to take a couple of concerts off during some crises related to my CML).

      1. Just jumping in a bit late. It's so great that you had a goal and met it. Even just setting a goal and working towards it helps take the focus off the illness.

    2. oh wow! how AMAZING!!!! I've always wanted to see a symphony band live! the music, the art, and to be a part of that energy as everyone plays together to create a master piece <3 OOOhHHHH! my favorite part the conductor! I'm in awwww! this is so cool! I am sure you have had so many experiences, If I was musically in tuned I would play the drums, piano, harp, and saxophone!

      1. I may not be able to carry a tune or play an instrument but I sure do enjoy listening and appreciating those who can

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