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Light the Night

Has anyone attended a Light the Night event?? I so want to go to one but there isn't one in my area 😢

  1. Oh my gosh‼️❤️🤍💛 I go to light the night every year it is so much fun! no lie so much fun! Where do you live? Maybe I can tell you one that’s close by to you, you may have to travel a little bit 🚗 or ✈️ . I’m in Orlando Florida and so I go to the one at lake Eola Orlando and i’ll possibly go to the one in Tampa this year to hangout with some AYA cancer survivor support friends. I really hope you can make it to one I know you won’t be disappointed! 💞 Amanda🐼( team member ❤️)

    1. I live in a small town called Ettrick in WI. I've looked into the events nearest to me, Twin Cities in MN and it's a ways, I don't think I could afford the gas for the trip. My truck is a gas hog! But I so want to let a lantern go, I believe it would be very heart lifting

      1. I did some research unfortunately everyone’s going virtual again this year 🙁 but I totally understand why they’re doing it so that we’re safe. The cool part is you can register at any leukemia lymphoma society city District hosting the festival! 🎊🎉‼️ i’m sorry I couldn’t of been more help. When I contacted them that’s when they told me everything was going virtual again. But make sure to sign up again so you can get your shirt and goodie bag Plus your survivor shirt! And I will see you virtually if you sign up for the Orlando Florida one❤️💛🤍🫂Amanda🐼( team member 💜)


    2. Well that was a new one. Had never heard of "Light the Night" so looked it up. Checked my area and apparently no live ones are close. Does look like a fun event and perhaps once covid slows we can attend. Thanks for the heads up

      1. you can do it this year! Unfortunately it’s not in person due to covid but it’s virtually again this year. You can just sign up to the closest city hosting light the night so you’ll be able to join and get your survivor packet, t-shirt, and your Lantren.

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