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is consulting a dietian a smart desicion and helpful during the chemo stage

my mom was diagnosed ph+ ALL and she had her first cycle of chemo recently , i had a question regarding following a diet chart and how useful is it .
ps. - my mom doesn't have diabetes, so suggest according to that , and she has gotten mouth ulcers and has trouble eating

  1. cupcake24,
    Thanks so much for reaching out. Nutrition is important for general health, and it is especially important for people undergoing treatment for blood cancer.
    Loss of taste and appetite is quite common during chemo, so it's important for your Mom to focus on protein, fruits, and vegetables. This article may provide some helpful tips: We recommend consulting with your Mom's healthcare provider on what diet would be best for her.
    Your Mom is truly blessed to have you watching out for her.
    Please send her all our best. ~Doreen (Team Member)

    1. Prior to chemo my wife and I met with a hospital assigned nutrition expert. We spent abut 90 minutes discussing diet. I also did not and do not have diabetes. I was also given a three ring binder with all kinds of information and tips on how to eat for chemo menu suggestions and more. I also signed up for a meal prep and delivery service (for cancer patients) that prepared meals on a schedule that allowed my wife to take a break from meal prep from Friday through Sunday evenings. She only need to prepare food 4 days a week.

      All was good until chemo started. I will not go into all of the details but will say it all evaporated as chemo progressed. Hydration was KEY . After I was hospitalized for a week due to my reaction to chemo and not downing enough water one nurse said to me "forget diet recommendations - eat what you can get down and what appeals to you . Over the course of treatment you will develop some favorites that will appeal." That turned out to be the best advice for me. I developed a craving for anything with tomato sauce pizza, pasta and also eggplant, apple sauce oat meal etc. Over time as the treatment killed off the cancer cells - I gained some my weight and added more things to my diet. Seasoned and sweet tasting foods appealed

      Oral care is also a key -- soft tooth brush mild mouthwash and important ...Speak with your chemo team about mouth sores and suggestions as soon as possible --- I had a few develop and found shakes and soft foods were the best for me when that happened. Dennis( TEAM)

      1. Sorry to hear about your mom. It's hard when a loved one has problems with eating, and in this case, mouth sores. First, speak with your mother's doctors on this matter and have them provide methods to ease matters. Then I would say have the doctor put you in touch with a certified Dietician. A diet chart is great, but you want to go about this with someone certified to make sure your mom's diet is providing her with what she'll need especially due to her condition. Wishing you both the very best!

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