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Interesting Comments

This may be a touchy subject, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. We’ve all or most of us have had that one interesting comment that a person has said, which made you turn your head like a confused dog. Whether you’re in pre-treatment, active treatment, or post-treatment. Unfortunately, it happens and I was just wondering? What were some of the comments received that made you wonder why or shocked you?

  1. A main wonder is the possibility of misdiagnosis! Certainly do not understand. Based on my 'research', cannot be confident of diagnosis..How can I be? My hemotologist's minimal conversation (rounding up) left me zero understanding of dx, let alone possible future, and more...??? Been to him for further check and have not learned any more. I know need a second opinion. When and how? I have read the many articles by members of this community which encourages me to do so, why and how. Worry 'watch and wait' is too soon to go

    1. I am thankful I could be of some help and encourgement. Yes, my own "agony" with poor healthcare. Taught me to really advocate for myself! Plus I am a short feisty chick! LOL!! I am here anytime you need!

    2. Yes they get paid very well! That speed healthcare doesn't work for me!! I will hold them up with a quickness!

  2. Signed, Confused 🤔

    1. I’m so sorry, I wish someone in your medical team or center could answer your concerns. Have you tried seeking a second opinion that’s what I personally did just to make sure I was on the right track with treatment. 💞🐼

      1. This is a very good question! So it was 2 for me!!! First it was that the CLL wasn't diagnosed when it should have been. I had ovarian cancer which was being treated and I was already very anemic. Many of my initial symptoms just seemed like the anemia. But it was persistent and I knew something was wrong. I kept saying something was wrong as I got weaker and weaker. Sadly it was one of my surgeons who took an appointment from me and listened as I cried in his office. He admitted me in the hospital. He agreed to run every test he felt necessary. I was diagnosed! Secondly, I asked the oncologist if I needed to see a hematologist and I was told... NO. But I absolutely DID!!! I got new doctors!! ~Leya Elijah - Team Member~

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