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How to live with blood cancer

I have Morbus Waldenström /a rare type of blood cancer, I try to be normal, but I realise that cancer is destroying my body slowly and get desperate

  1. I've heard this disease is similar to multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Your body is taking a hit! I can understand how that feels. I've noticed that for this disease some people do not need immediate treatment while IgM levels are being tested. Meanwhile, I've read that treatment options have been expanded for this disease. Our community is here for you. Have you been diagnosed recently?

    1. If it is similar to non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) all I can tell you is that I was diagnosed last August with NHL and at time was told that some of the newer treatments options were impressive. As I am approaching July of 2021 it appears that I am in remission. While the whole cancer diagnosis thing is scary ... as Maria noted ... lots of us have walked a similar path and are here to offer you support. Dennis( TEAM)

      1. Dear Dennis,
        Thank you so much for your response. I am moved that so many people support me!

    2. having blood cancer is so incredibly challenging on your physical and mental health. This community really is here for you as Paula said. Here's one of our hubs that talks about the emotional impact of blood cancer: I'm sure many of these articles will resonate with you. Warmly, Rackel ( Team Member)

      1. Thank you so much, Rackel

    3. Hello hang in there. yes being on a cancer journey is difficult, the medication is harder to cope with than the disease. I have noticed changes to my body also. Keep a positive attitude and listen to music when you find yourself shifting toward being desperate. Remember on this journey we will come to bends in the road but they two shall pass. I am living and surviving with Multiple Myeloma one day at a time .

      1. Thank you so much for your kind response.
        I am so amazed that so many people support me here.

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