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How do you deal with your treatment team?

I deal with my team with a smile (when I feel like it), Greetings, Small talk and a warning to watch that needle! 😀

  1. A smile is always helpful!

    1. The whole process is unnerving especially now in the age of Covid when all you can see is a pair of eyes looking over a mask and though face shield.

      All that said I do find even if no one can see you smile it somehow comes through to those treating you. Years ago when I was in Business to Business (B2B) sales I often needed to do cold calling. I found by putting a mirror on my desk and smiling back at myself before making the call really helped. And the funny part is - folks can tell without ever seeing your face.

      So how do I deal with my treatment team? Smile helps everyone in the room

      ... Dennis( TEAM)

      1. Yes ... Eyes are the windows to the soul

      2. Indeed!

    2. I have enough doctors to form a soccer team so that's what we do. We all get on a zoom like the weirdest Brady Bunch episode ever and after the theme song plays, "It's a story, of a man named Danny, who was living with 11 doctors of all kinds...."

      Ha ha ha, no, no Brady Bunch zooms here. I just usually ask whatever doctor is in the lead (cardio if it's heart stuff) what other docs he needs to talk to. If he says none then great, but it's usually one or two.

      1. I know there can be so many people to include in this lengthy conversation in caring for us, but that's what advocacy for our health is about...keeping all moving parts in sync. Best!

      2. Malito Before I semi-retired I wondered if i would bored and not have enough to keep mind and body active. Within days of my official "slowing down" calendar was filled with projects. My own proved to be time consuming and then there were a number other projects on the "honey do list"
        Then to make things a bit more fun ... along came a diagnosis of prostate cancer and then blood cancer. These days the many MD visits, blood tests and scans keep my calendar is quite full. Not quite what I had in mind ... One day I may actually get some free time to do a few those projects. ... Dennis( TEAM)

    3. Praise, pray, and worship to God. I also had lots of get together just to hangout. Watch movies, eat food, paint nails, hospital sleep overs. I got creative ❤️

      1. I had mostly inpatients stays not really any outpatient stays.

      2. Have read more books lately - not all bad 😀

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