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How do you boost your energy on a down day?

I often use meditation or easy exercise in an attempt to boost my energy. I'd love to hear more suggestions.

  1. Dr Pepper and Expresso...3 cups. 😂 But seriously, out of so many ways I've tried to beat fatigue, I found myself telling myself to just get up and do what needs to get done. I tried exercise, but getting myself up long enough to find the energy to actually get up to actually do exercises was like hammering a nail into concrete with a popsicle. And trying meditation with ADD, well, you can imagine how that session went. Lasted about a whole minute and a half.. 😂. So I found, if it needs to get done, get my backside outta the chair and get it done. Then, while I'm up, find something else that needs to get done. Name of the game? Find things to do to keep your hands and mind busy until it's time to sit down to relax the rest of the evening. It also helped me solve my restless sleep problem after chemotherapy. It took a bit, but I'm finally starting to sleep the majority of the night.
    Shane ( moderator)

    1. so glad you’re able to sleep again. I appreciate your humor, but I agree that just getting it done is the way to go.

  2. Exercise and fresh air.

    1. same for me as well

    2. Yes, even for 15 minutes or so.

  3. I have taken up Qi Gong and I love it. No need to get down on the floor. I do a 7 minute class in the morning & evening that is on youtube. It is very relaxing & I definitely think it helps with the stress. I do also use the treadmill for an hour 3x a week but that seems to be getting harder to do. Some weeks it's only twice a week.

    1. I have heard that Qi Gong can be energizing. That’s something I’ve never tried. So glad it’s working for you!

    2. It's the effort for me that I adore. Keep at it- best!

  4. Any and physical efforts are indeed a challenge yet at the same time I found if I can muster the mental determination to do "something" even the smallest physical activity (just stand up etc) is a boost to my self confidence and sense of accomplishment. Dennis( TEAM)

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