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What tips do you have for managing stress over the holiday season?

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when managing life with blood cancer. Share any helpful tips for managing holiday stress with fellow community members to support them during the holiday season!

  1. Think about the positives of the situation. I find thinking about everything you've overcome for the whole year, helps find a balance to enjoying the holiday. Whether those accomplishments big or small, it allows you to still be human at the end of the day. It's all about taking one day at a time.

    1. I do try to stay positive.
      But it is difficult at times.
      I am able to still care for myself, which was not the case early on in my fight.
      So I still have my independence, and I am grateful for that.
      My faith in God has become much stronger, and I am actually grateful for this.
      As far as the Holidays go, it is difficult, due to my compromised immune system, visiting family and friends, is just no longer possible for me.
      I feel a bit isolated, due to my cancer condition.
      But I am trying to remain hopeful.
      I did not think I would still be alive for these Holidays, so for that I am Blessed.
      I have family and friends, that Love Me, and for that, I am also Blessed.
      I have a great Oncology Team, and for that I am Blessed.
      So as far as the Holidays, Go???
      I am Blessed, Thank God
      And, Thank You Blood Cancer for giving those of us with this disease. a platform to vent.

      1. - You always find the silver lining to share with us! Thank you for sharing with us the hope and blessings that you are feeling this holiday season, even when times are tough. I know how much it means to everyone in the community here to know that it's possible to find those blessings despite blood cancer. - Pam (Team Member)

    2. Really I never get stressed about the holidays. Instead each year I find myself trying to reduce the stress causes on my wife. Actually this year is worse because she is so afraid of me getting germs and sick while I'm on chemo.

      1. - It is so thoughtful of you to think so much about the stress on your wife during the holidays and to try to alleviate some of those stressors. The worries of both patients and caregivers certainly adds to the already stressful time at the holidays. Thinking of you and your wife! - Pam (Team Member)

      2. - How considerate! I wish you and your wife a blessed holiday, and any little joy you can capture. Best!

    3. This is a tough situation. The holidays also often bring travel, long days, and disturbed sleeping schedules. I'm traveling out of state for Christmas and a wedding this year. Like you, I'm a bit stressed about how that will impact my health. I recommend being smart by keeping clean, keeping sickness far away, and making sure she gets her sleep. That's all you can do. I hope this season brings you both way more joy and happiness than stress.

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