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Hidden Face

Are you comfortable with any and everyone acknowledging your cancer story? Do you become a bit guarded when some of your hidden layers are stripped away by those you were okay not knowing about your diagnoses?


  1. I am very ok without others not knowing y disease—mds—mld—those who I have told -do not understand it

    1. I totally get it. It can be a personal story, whereas some may not be an issue to discuss while others may be problematic. You were on point with some people just don't get the thinking of it all. Best!

  2. I wasn't ok with sharing details about this disease in the beginning. I was concerned about my employment and about people thinking I would be needy somehow. Ten years later and I am much less guarded. I know my worth now.

    1. Yeah, it can be tricky for some people when it comes to employment, as some places of business are not as lenient on the health aspect. I agree illness or no illness doesn't call for not recognizing your worth. Best!

  3. I openly share my story. Initially I didn't want anyone to know but my family. However, I had a friend convince me to tell my story. He reminded me of how I have spent years being transparent as a domestic abuse and sexual assault survivor. I have been blessed to see so many people helped by my story. I still was against it because sharing my past and walking people through what I am currently living are vastly different! Seven years later, I am SO glad I took his advice. He is no longer with me; in fact, I was with him when he left this earth. But I feel his presence so often, as I share my life and journey as an advocate and speaker. ~Leya Elijah-Team Member~

    1. I'm so glad you're friend helped encourage you to share your story. Best!

  4. I don't mind at all. I just get nervous people will think I'm trying to use it to get attention. I've been accused of that before. But I try to remember the more we talk about it, the more people can be educated and/or given the help they or someone they know could use. It's just another way to help advocate in my eyes. 😀

    1. As one who has traveled this cancer path I think all of us in our own way can offer folks a lot of comfort and information not only about blood-cancer but also on how we personally live gracefully with this challenge ever day

    2. I agree 😀

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