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How To Get Over the Blahs?

Look not everyone is joy-joy every day, so how do you get over those gloomy days? Personally, I resort to old movies and putting the phone at in a drawer

  1. I find a walk outside works wonders for “getting over the Blahs”

    1. Fresh air always helps restore and regroup the blahs.

  2. A walk out outside, work out, pray, play worship music, lay in bed, cuddle the dogs, watch movies, grab my favorite snacks 😋Smartfood popcorn is the BEST‼️ & harbor gummy bears 🤤, or take a quick get away. Those are my usually things I tend to go to just to relax and put myself into a better space. It’s even better when I can do these things with a friend(s) just to have some company. Especially the type of friends we’re we can be silent and still have each other’s back and presence.

    1. oooo yes‼️ I love red licorice red vines to be exact are you a red vine kinda girl or a Twistler kind of girl? Lol ❤️ my mom loves black licorice yuck!😬🥴 definitely not something I like. Oh my gosh you just taught me something new I never knew there was brown licorice! So cool! I wonder how that one taste it?!😃

    2. Vines are okay but I like the whole Twista licorice. Yeah, the Black licorice is a taste that you have to adapt to. Yes, girl! It almost tastes better than the red... to me that is. : )

  3. For me, being fatigued brings on the blahs, so a good nap works great for me. Having said that, I truly enjoy time spent with nature and spirit. I'll take my flute or kalimba out to the woods and commune with the wild! 🌲🙏🙂🍄🌺🌤️

    1. A nap always does the body well, and that's great you not only explore outdoors but bring your own activity. Awesome!

    2. 😍😍😍😍 🦭

  4. I find listening to music always helps! I can just lose myself in it. For the days that I am seriously fatigued or not myself, I also find a good movie day is fun. I have had some amazing movie marathon days! Also getting out to get a mani/pedi awakens my spirits... And best of all, talking to my love, he lives in another state but he makes everything better!

    1. I'm glad you're doing better! Wishing you the very best!

    2. 💍 💞

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