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Game Comparisons

What popular games would be a perfect description of your blood cancer journey?

I would have to say Chutes and Ladders would be it for me. I know something about climbing that ladder and avoiding (or trying to) those inevitables that may possibly knock me back down that chute.

  1. Jumanji 🎢🛶🪤🎡🌋🪄🧮

    1. Indeed!

  2. My first thought to this is Cats Cradle. I'm still thinking why that is; I think it's the feeling that it's like an endless dance of one thing that morphs into another, with the help of a partner or series of partners you can keep the pattern going as long as it takes. If you try to do it all on your own it collapses. I feel that there's always something else coming. Almost my whole life has been about waiting for the next upset. One thing I carried away from my first cancer journey is that you can't change the hand you're dealt you can only truly control how you choose to play those cards. That doesn't mean there's not a time for wallowing and deep depression and all that... it's just keeping in mind that when you dry your tears the situation is still to be dealt with.

    1. So true. You get to live everyday!

    2. I love that breakdown! I had to look up the game cats cradle and remember it, though I didn't recall it was named this. It is indeed a process that is still to be addressed at some point at the end of the day. Best!

  3. Dark Souls without a doubt. I get up, try to do an impossible thing, fail, go back to the beginning and do it again until I succeed and then on to the next impossible thing.

    1. Maybe Kingdom hearts? The storyline both makes sense but also makes no sense at all LOL Plus I just really like Disney.

      1. Disney rarely fails. : )

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