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Food Memes

Many people reflect on food for various things other than survival; but what about the emotional? Can you think of a food that describes how you feel when you're having a good day and one when your day is going downhill?

Me) Good- Baked Macaroni and cheese
Me) Bad- Lemon or Lime...Growl!

  1. Good day is like turkey dinner with all the fixings. Yay!
    Bad day is like a fishbone caught in the throat. Eck.

    1. Turkey dinners always make everything right : )

  2. Good day is Supreme Pizza
    Bad day is peas 😛

    1. Yep, Pizza and wine means there's no pain allowed at this time : )

    2. LOL What a great rhyme!

  3. Good day: freshly smoked grilled chicken and homemade potato salad

    Bad: anything with anchovies in or around for anything... 🤢

    1. Yes, anchovies doesn't seal the deal on a good day!

    2. anchovies are nasty to say the

  4. Good day: fettuccine Alfredo from scratch with shrimp 🍤, scallops, and crab meat

    Bad Day: chocolate Boost/ensure 🤢🤮or mushroom 🍄

    1. Ohh Man, I can't even look at any Boost product as it brings back not the best memories when my mom was sick, so automatically that would put me in a bad mood as well. Best!

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