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When first diagnosed

Did anyone have absolutely no reaction when told you have "cancer" ... Ok ... "You have leukemia" ... ok. I wasn't scared, shocked, or upset. Have had to educate myself. (Even though has been 3 years) Time for a second opinion!

  1. I also had no reaction. After I heard the news I just went numb. It was later on that it sunk in

    1. Appreciate hearing from you. If/when after watch and wait changes, probably then will seem 'real'.

      1. I had a semi reaction just like you honestly everyone’s different so I don’t think that your reaction wasn’t normal. Some people can handle things very well and others may not be able to handle them not as well❤️ And maybe you’re able to just process things and get to work because that’s exactly what you did. You educated yourself, you’re seeking a second opinion and another doctor, and you continue to educate yourself. That’s Amazing that your able to do that💜 you definitely are staying calm under the pressure and seeking answers🫂💗 Amanda🐼 team member 🧡

        1. My doctor commented that I was taking the news well. I went into task mode. I was moving around in sort of a fog. Truthfully, it didn't seem real for days.

          1. It's so much for us to process both emotionally and intellectually. For many of us this takes time. We're made of tuff stuff, I think! The processing time gives us the space we need to adapt to a new situation. That's my take on it. I'm so grateful that we have the opportunity to share our experiences this way. That of itself holds a kind of healing.

          2. soo agree ! 🎯 💯

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