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Financial help when on Medicare

Hi, have any of you been on Imbruvica for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and been able to find financial aid when you are on Medicare? I would appreciate comments if there are any helpful ones! Thanks! BabaBunny

  1. Hi BabaBunny - Have you tried contacting Imbruvica about financial support options? Here is a link that may be helpful if you haven't already tried: Thanks for your question! -Anthony (Team Member)

    1. I take Imbruvica-3 a day and pay $100 a month. My insurance and Medicare pays the rest which is huge!

      1. My mom is on Medicare and has been on Imbruvica for CLL for more than 3 years. She has always had a grant from Johnson & Johnson that pays 100% of the cost. It gets renewed once a year. Talk to the person in your doctor's financial office about how to apply for a grant.

        1. It is so important to reach out - not only to your MD but also directly to the drug company that manufactures your drug and to your local hospital . These organizations often hav individuals or departments who will offer assistance and connections for patients. IF you are not finding someone call the organization and ask to be connected to media relations or public relations - they most often will refer you to the proper person. Dennis( TEAM)

        2. I also received a grant from Johnson & Johnson for the Imbruvica. When I was employed, Anthem paid the cost with only a $10 copay for me. I lost my job, and United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan refused to pay anything. Optum wanted $8,000 for the first bottle, so my doctor's insurance people applied for the J&J grant. You can also try the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - they offer grants. If not for the grant, I would not have medication for the Waldenstrom's.

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