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Can anyone share helpful resources for finding financial assistance?

Many people in our community are searching for financial assistance with their medical bills. @cmccue wrote a great article that includes several resources.

Does anyone have other helpful resources to share with the group?

Feel free to post links below!

  1. The Lymphoma Leukemia Society are a fantastic

    1. Thank you for sharing! Warmly, Rackel ( Team Member)

    2. I was going to say the same thing they’re very resourceful💚🧡

  2. When it comes to finding financial resources a good place to start is
    (A) ..... With your local hospital/treatment center. Ask to speak with the folks in social services and set up an in person meeting. It is often quite surprising the contacts these folks have.
    (B) ..... Contact the pharmaceutical company that is manufacturing the drugs you are taking .

    (D)..... Speak with your local house of worship. Quite often the religious leader has come across many who have faced cancer and found resources.
    I was recently meeting with someone who was facing a significant medical bill and could not afford it. After meeting with the provider and explaining the reality of this persons financial situation - the original invoice was cut by almost 70% .
    When it comes to financing medical bills it pays to speak up and reach out. I have know several others who have started a GoFundMe page as well.
    None of this is easy - that said it is often surprising what can be done.
    ...Dennis( TEAM)

    1. I also did a gofund page when I was in active treatment. I also did the exact same thing that you’re saying it wasn’t easy but I first started with my actual treatment center to see if I could get help and speaking to the social worker who has a lot of more resources to help. You named a lot of great sources here!❤️

    2. How easy was it to do a gofundme page and what advice would you offer others?

  3. Sometimes the hospital sends patients home with like an in home care nurse sometimes those nurses as well have some resources they can give you. You can always ask one of them too.

    1. This week has been quite busy in "My Bladder Cancer(BC) Journey" as I have been to three different hospitals but I got the all clear so all worth it with just one more test result to come on Monday I live for another 3 months until the next round of testing, even plan on going on holiday. Well done on your own personnel "Ankr app" and long may it continue. Your emotional journey sounds much the same as mine as it's in the early hours when you lie in bed thinking about the whole stupid world that has been thrown at us and the question is always "Why Me" but you get up and get on with life as it is and thats what counts.

      1. I suspect that for as long as you can it is best to keep moving forward. There comes a time in all of our lives when we hear that voice that says the journey is over. So far I have not heard any whispers 👍

      2. I love the idea and name for the ROMEO group. What a fantastic way to give back!

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