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Favorite Foods in Summer

Eating well is not always easy during chemo, but when you can, what is your favorite dish to eat during the summer? I like grilled corn and BBQ Chicken.

  1. Watermelon and rice pudding!

    1. Nice!

  2. Watermelon and lime!!

    1. Now that's interesting. I may try that.

    2. It's a must! 😀

  3. Mac N Cheese

    1. ha ha, Mac n cheese is always a go to comfort food no matter how your feeling!! I like to put a little smoke on my Mac and cheese on the grill while the cheese is melting. How have you been doing recently?

  4. When I was going through chemo my tastebuds basically went on vacation so everything tasted like cardboard. I went through gallons of Frank's Red Hot sauce so at least my cardboard had a little bit of spicy flavor, and now that I'm in remission I still use it on most things. It really is like the commercial, "I put that sh*t on everything." Ha ha. Keep on keepin' on, DPM

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