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Extreme cramping

Anyone experience extreme cramping? After treatment or a transplant?

  1. Yes. Mostly in my legs. My blood tests says I shouldn't be, but I do. And usually at night or early morning.

    1. i’ve been experiencing them a lot a lot a lot going on three weeks now I notified my doctor. 😩😫ouch! Awh! Help!

  2. I don't recall. Check with docs if it's neuropathy, which seems to affect many but in different ways.

    1. Yup ... Same here on leg cramps and they can be intense. What helps me appears to be related to how much water I am drinking. As soon as I increase my consumption levels it helps a lot. I find missing my daily B & D vitamins for a 2 days also appears to generate cramps.

      One nurse suggested that I drink tonic water which she noted helps a lot of runners avoid and stop leg cramps. Dont know if any of that info helps. J ust passing along my personal experiences for what ever value they are worth.
      Dennis( TEAM)

      1. Cool thanks!

      2. Good to know thank you

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