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Do you think support groups help?

  1. I think so! I have yet to go to an in-person group BUT have taken part in many online support groups via facebook! I think social media has been such a wonderful way to interact with other patients that are looking for support.

    1. I agree I think the online forums seem to be the more popular go to.
      It's convenient all in the comfort of one's home.

  2. I believe support communities help. Support can take many faces. There are in-person support groups that are disease specific or general, online support communities, forums, mentors, oncology social workers, life coaches, clergy and close friends. No one should travel this road alone.

    1. There is no question in my mind that support groups help.
      My cancer center has a support group that meets every Wednesday at 6PM, I always wanted to go, but fatigue is so bad, that, that is just to late in the day for me, I am in bed by then ( unable to even move much)
      I actually started by seeing posts on Facebook about CLL.
      So I began to comment on them?
      Then after several times of answering posts on Facebook.
      I got an invitation to visit this web site, I believe it was from Anthony?
      Best think I have done, by far, WOW!
      This site is so wonderful.
      It has actually helped me more than words can say!
      Thank You

      1. Thank you for the kind words, ! You have been such a supportive member to others - You are helping them just as much as you say this group helps you. We are honored to have someone like you in this community 😀

    2. I think support groups are so helpful. You get to meet wonderful people that are sharing a similar situation to you. In support groups we all help each other. One person may have information that you need or something might be shared that you didn't even know existed. I wanted my daughter to go to an in person support group when she was well enough to get around, but she was happy with the support she got online. Either way, they are great!

      1. That is wonderful! I'm so happy many of us find different outlets whether it be by online or in person for the support we seek.

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