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How I was diagnosed with cancer….

I noticed that there is a pattern and usually it’s a strange pattern of how someone finds out that they’re diagnosed with cancer. I definitely had my own strange symptoms that led to my own diagnosis with cancer so I’m wondering how many others had a similar situation.

  1. I had raised splotchy bumps on my face for years and was always saying I was tired even if I had slept enough. One day I had to get my wisdom teeth out and there was one hole that just wouldn't heal.

    My surgeon felt so bad he thought it was his fault. Then I asked if he thought it might be cancer. It ran in my family, and it would make sense if my immune system was down and the hole wasn't healing because of it.

    So I got a biopsy from one of the bumps on my nose and low and behold it was cancer. I was around 22 I think when I found out. Fun times lol.

    1. the craziest things righ‼️🥴🐼

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    1. I felt like I had the flu. Just the aches and pains part of the flu. There was no fever or runny nose or coughing. I began to get infections and unexplained bruising. I was tired all the time. My doctor listened and promised me we would do tests until either the symptoms subsided or a diagnosis was found. After repeated tests blast cells were found in my CBC bloodwork. My doctor said that it was like finding a needle in a haystack! CML was the culprit. My oncologist remarked that I had most likely been sick for a year and a half. I'm so grateful to have been diagnosed. Time was ticking.

      1. wow, thank God for your doctor♥️

    2. Three weeks they told me I had a bleeding ulcer before finally, on the fifth CAT scan, one tech said they thought they saw a "shadow." At that point I decided it would be better to move hospitals to where my rheumatologist was as well and thankfully it worked out. Keep on keepin' on, DPM

      1. it’s so crazy how it’s seems like the majority of us had to jump through hoops trying to figure out what was going on.

      2. True enough. I had to do that after my diagnosis. We knew what I had oncology fell asleep at the wheel and it was like pulling teeth to get my first appointment. That only happened after I was hospitalized for a week and some asities (3.9 L) of fluid was removed from my gut thanks to the lymphoma and not liver issues ( yes I do have a tiny bit of chrosis but per gastro that was a non issue as all my liver function labs were normal and he really felt it was the lymphoma which it turned out to be correct ( after one more fluid removal of 3.1 liters) and getting treatment for the cancer.

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