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Coping With a Loved One's Death

We all have a beginning and an end, it’s definitely a hard pill to swallow. What are some of the ways you have coped with a loved one's passing?

  1. Once I read ... "grief is a form of love". After much thought it helped me work through the many feelings experienced. Then, after some time, I realized what we DO have are many wonderful memories. Very special memories ... and those will always be with us.🌻

    1. 😭♥️🫂

  2. You are dealing with so much raw grief I found it best to let it all out and then as you can let time and good memories take some of the edge off

    1. I miss my Dad terribly, if only I could just lay down and watch tv with him again.

    2. My dad passed at age 58 from Lung Cancer in 1971.Hard not to suspect that his 2-3 pack days habit may have played a part in that happening. There are still times when out of the blue and for no reason I will think of him in a very positive way. Suspect you will in time discover the same.

  3. I’m so sorry and so young to lose your Dad. Cancer sucks‼️🥊🥊🤺 everyone has told me to think of the great memories. I hope in time to get there just like you said.

    1. I don't think losing someone is ever an easy thing to go through, and depending on how close you were to your loved one may depend on how deeply it affects you. I think about my mother daily and it still stings that she is no longer here. I try and remember the funny or parental reminders she would say before I find myself in binds...What would Eartha do? In times it does get better but the death of a loved one can forever change you too.

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