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Comfort and Relief

What is or was your comfort source after treatments? My go-to was a ginger ale and a heating pad for my stomach.

  1. My parents having my mom and dad around surrounding me and hanging with me, I felt safe. I had nurturing and protection plus ice cream and walks.

    1. The comfort of a mama and a papa always makes things right... if you are lucky. Best!

  2. Heating pad for sure, I also enjoyed pizza and anything related to Peter Pan to help my mind escape from dealing with what was going on. I enjoy seeing my friends as well 😀

    1. i love the Peter Pan brand 🤤 😋

    2. Gotcha!

  3. After treatment my greatest comfort was being at home with my wife. The dog on those days would just curl up in my lap. Somehow the dog knew I needed an extra emotional boost on that day. On other days the dog would sit with my wife. Go figure that one out. Dennis( TEAM)

    1. It's so interesting how pets can pick up the aura of what is happening around them, and react accordingly. Best!

  4. The thing that gave me the most comfort was wearing a necklace my mother gave me. It helps me to feel close to her and protected although she’s no longer here. Ann ( Team member)

    1. I'm happy you had a piece of your mom with you to bring you the comfort needed. Sometimes it can be the little things to get us through those unforeseen storms.

    2. So true💕

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